New Starbucks Logo: A Bad Idea?


Yes. The new Starbucks logo, which drops the company name is a bad idea.

Dropping the “Starbucks” and the “Coffee” from their logo, and turning their symbolic mermaid into their well-known green coloring is not a strong enough change to create a usable “symbol only” corporate identity.

Chief executive Howard Schultz has the right idea about evolving the logo. His solution however shows some of the hubris that got the company into trouble a few years ago. If they want to evolve the name so the company can broaden its product line, they could have done so by dropping the word “coffee” from the Starbucks name.

Dropping the Starbucks name from their logo will only serve to confuse consumers who are not as familiar with the company and thus the target of a company trying to broaden its product line.

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One Response to New Starbucks Logo: A Bad Idea?

  1. simgrund February 2, 2011 at 2:00 am #

    It’s either a show of self-confidence or defensive shame about the S-Word! I agree with you and tend towards the latter (no, not the latte!) – as you say, they could have just dropped the “coffee”