Archive | March, 2011

Coffee Category Sees Evolution And Rivalry

A word that comes up fairly regularly when we are talking with brands is “evolution,” as it is an inescapable reality of doing business with changing consumers at the other end of the transaction. Brands must continually examine how to stay relevant and grow if they are to stay profitable, or even be around to […]

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There’s actually a person on the other side

You can’t do it all from the box It’s incredible that you can now do business with anyone on the globe.  It opens up amazing possibilities for all of us. It also creates some new challenges. We launched a very complex and challenging project with a new vendor recently.  It was complicated by the fact […]

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Corporate Playground

I have been spending rather a lot of time at airports recently. One thing that always strikes me about airports is that they are the one public place where all the corporate ads can come out to play. Images rarely seen outside the Annual Report & Accounts or Trade Journals can present themselves to a […]

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