Archive | January, 2012

Using the Correct Word In Your Ad Copy

Some words are easy to confuse. At some point, you may find yourself wondering if you are choosing the correct word in your advertising copy. Making the wrong word choice can totally change the meaning of a sentence, confuse your audience and totally ruin the impact of your ad. Although many examples exist, I’ve put […]

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Curiosity killed my free time

Curiosity, at least in its form of Openness to Experience, is said to be one of the Big Five factors of human personality. I do wonder sometimes, though, how much of the time I while away chasing information is genuine curiosity and how much could be classified as some sort of morbid addiction. Years ago, […]

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What’s your purple goldfish?

Get your free copy of Stan Phelp’s book! A few years ago, I met Stan Phelps, another marketing guy, online (I think he commented on my blog and we started chatting via email) and before I knew it — we were friends.  He was just dipping his toe into the blogging waters and I tried […]

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