Archive | June, 2013

Is it time for a website re-design?

In today’s marketplace, a company’s website is their first impression with prospects. It’s a rare purchase today that doesn’t begin with some sort of research or due diligence. And as consumers (both B2C and B2B) find themselves more time starved and more web savvy – the research tool of choice is often a Google search. […]

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Guilty of the frantic scramble in your marketing?

I grew up in Minnesota in the 70s and I love football which meant that back when I was a kid, my world revolved around the Minnesota Vikings and our incredible quarterback, Fran Tarkenton. At the time of his retirement, Fran owned EVERY major quarterback record out there. Fran was known as The Scrambler because […]

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5 Reasons Why Checklists Should be Delisted

Checklists and rating cards seem to have crept into just about every aspect of modern life – no sooner have you bought something over the internet, or had a conversation with a service chappie or chappess on the phone, when you’re sent some kind of rating card. Restaurants and hotels, even in the most far-flung […]

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