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My brand, right or wrong!

Every now and then, I come across a presentation or a blog post that’s a refreshing antidote to the usual marketing and advertising hubris blah-blah where toilet cleaner brands are regularly raised to the status of demi-gods. This time it’s a presentation from Martin Weigel of Wieden & Kennedy entitled How to (not) Fail, and […]

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Direct mail is the hot new media

Who would have thought it?   People have been predicting the death of direct mail for over a decade.  And yet, here we stand in 2013 and have to admit — direct mail is the hot new media. As everyone flocks to spending more time online, a curious thing happened  Our mailboxes got a lot […]

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Portrait Photography Tips for Staff Photos

At some point in your career as a marketer or advertiser, you will need to take photographs of people at your company. It could be for your website, at an event, for your annual report or corporate brochure. A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the person’s personality, attitude, unique mannerisms […]

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