Archive | April, 2014

Is creativity bad for marketing?

As a writer just typing the question – is creativity bad for marketing – hurts a little. Advertising and marketing people pride themselves on their creativity. After all, it’s one of the lures of the profession for most of us. But does it serve our businesses and our business goals? On the surface, it’s easy […]

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Brand Strategy And Co-Creation Workshops

There’s clearly excitement in the research and advertising world when it comes to the social media power of online co-creation. In fact, over the past decade online crowdsourcing and communities have become an important concept in social media marketing. They’ve given consumers a direct voice into decision-making and have increased their engagement with the brand. […]

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Burning your brand at the stake?

I read an interesting piece from Trendwatching recently entitled Heritage Heresy, about the increasing acceptance of brands that play with, subvert or even explode their own heritage. I’m not sure that it’s a new trend or a necessity: something that brands over a certain age may simply have to do as a matter of […]

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