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Marketing math: how do you measure success?

Are you measuring your marketing? I don’t like math.  It’s not that I can’t do it – I took advanced math all through high school.  I just really don’t enjoy it. But math matters. If math = measurement.  How can you justify your marketing budget/spend if you can’t point to how the dollars are moving […]

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Which sells better-the future or the past?

Is this the future or the past? Here’s what I am pondering today.  In terms of connecting with a consumer’s emotions, what works better — pointing to the future or the past? I’m 48 (albeit a 10 year old boy trapped in man’s body) which puts me a little behind the line in terms of […]

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Brand Alignment-Are All the Cogs in Synch?

by Drew McLellan Your brand is not your logo….your brand is not your logo.  (tired of hearing me say that yet?) Your brand is the essence of your business.  From 20,000 feet  — it is who you are, why you exist, the unique value you offer your customers, how you behave, what you believe in, […]

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